Why More Brokers Are Managing Their Agent Lockboxes

Real Estate Runner Lockbox
You want to attract the best agents to your team. 

And you want your agents focused on clients, not equipment.

But you still believe that lockboxes are the agent's responsibility...

This is what I used to hear, almost every time I asked a broker about lockboxes.  And it's starting to change.

In the past, brokers didn't want anything to do with agent lockboxes, for a few reasons:

First, lockboxes are expensive, and agents sometimes lose them, or leave them in their cars.  

Second, it's tough to share lockboxes when lockboxes are tied to showing notifications.

So, in the past, it was easy to understand why brokers never wanted anything to do with their agents' lockboxes.  

But, for brokers who want their agents focused on clients and not equipment, and for brokers who want to attract the best agents, this is starting to change.


SignOtter automates inventory tracking, and can install your lockboxes, right along with signs.

Here's how our service makes it super easy for you and your agents:

  • The system knows which agent owns each lockbox
  • The system automatically tracks the locations of every lockbox
  • When an agent creates a request, the system automatically assigns a lockbox to the request, and only assigns a lockbox that is owned by that agent, or that agent's team.
  • When lockboxes come back to the warehouse, the runner simply scans it with their phone, and the lockbox gets logged back into the warehouse, so it's immediately available for another order.  
  • Agents always know exactly how many lockboxes they have available, at all times.
  • If you want agents to check out shared lockboxes from your office, the system can support that.  In just a few clicks.
  • In the extremely rare case of anything getting lost, you will know exactly where it went, and who took it there.
As a result, your agents can focus more of their time on clients.

And your agents never have to waste a trip to a listing,  just to place a lockbox.

If you'd like to know more, just schedule a free phone assessment of your current sign management program, or you can also schedule a demo of SignOtter, so you can see how much easier life can be for your staff and your agents.

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